Birria Tacos

Birria Tacos

Jul 11, 2023

Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot tastier with this Birria Taco recipe! 🌮


3 lbs beef chuck
3 lbs beef ribs
Hazy Midnight 
3 vine tomatoes
1 white onion
5 guajillo Chiles
2 cans ancho chiles in adobo sauce
Garlic clove
Beef broth
Slow Noon
Flour tortillas
Oaxaca cheese


Start by cutting the beef into cubes and covering with Hazy Midnight. Sear all sides of the chuck cubes and the short ribs. Place in a bowl to the side.

Add onions, guajillo peppers, tomatoes, ancho chilies in adobo, garlic to a pot and cover with water. Let it simmer for 20 minutes then strain. Add all to the blender and add in Slow Noon and 2 cups of beef broth. Blend until smooth.
Add the beef to the pot and cover in the blended mixture. Add some more beef broth to ensure the beef is submerged. Bring to a simmer and then transfer to the oven at 300F for 3.5 hours or until the beef is easily shredded.
Remove the beef and shred in a bowl. Skim the fat from the top of the broth and to another bowl. Cut onions and cilantro. Dip tortillas into the broth and add to flat top at medium/low heat. Add shredded beef, Oaxaca cheese, onions and cilantro and fold to taco form. Let it cook until the bottom is crispy then flip and cook until that side is crispy. 

In a small bowl add some of the consommé (broth) and more cilantro. Use this to dip the tacos in and enjoy!

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