About Flavor Expedition Co.

Meet Your Flavor Captains, Anthony and Erin Williams

Flavor Expedition Co. is the continuing journey from another
adventure, Turn Em Red Seasonings. Turn Em Red Seasonings was started by Anthony and Erin Williams in 2021 soon after their marriage.

Their adventure into seasonings all began when exploring the options of a wedding favor. After much deliberation, they landed on the idea to create their own seasoning blend (which eventually turned into Slow Noon as you know it today). Both Anthony and Erin love playing around in the kitchen, so it only made sense to share their love of cooking with their family and friends. The wedding favor received so much praise from those in attendance that they decided to head down the path of entrepreneurship and start selling their creation. A few short months later, Turn Em Red Seasonings was born.  

For the next two years, Turn Em Red Seasonings took Anthony and Erin on a wild ride. The business grew bigger than they ever imagined – from a single wedding favor to 10 unique seasoning blends, one brine and one special edition blend. Eventually, Anthony and Erin decided that the name Turn Em Red just wasn't promoting the ideals and values of their business and so it was time to explore a different avenue.

Hence, Flavor Expedition Co. came to be. With the new name and imagery, Anthony and Erin are truly able to bring the mission and vision of their company to life. The goal, to ignite a sense of adventure and culinary exploration in the kitchen, elevating dishes to new heights and fostering cherished moments of togetherness with loved ones. Each unique seasoning blend is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the flavor is right every time.

Now launching alongside the Flavor Expedition Co. is a line of 5 unique Snack Seasonings. Their belief is that unique and delicious flavors aren't reserved just for main meals, but every snack also deserves its own flavor adventure! From sweet to salty, there’s something for everyone no matter the preference. Introducing snack seasonings is only the beginning of more products Flavor Expedition Co. has in store. So buckle up, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!