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Flavor Expedition Reviews

"One of the best rubs I’ve had. Very savory."

Tony M.
Grilling Expert

"The great seasonings and the outstanding customer service has made me a lifetime customer."

William T.
Lifetime Customer

"These will replace all of my other spices immediately."

David S.
Spice Aficionado

"Seriously I don’t know what you can’t put this on! It’s delicious no matter what it comes on and can’t wait to see what they release next!"

Stacy S.
Satisfied Palate

"I’ve enjoyed every unique flavor they offer."

Michelle W.
Flavor Adventurer

"Our best spice purchase ever and as you can see...we cook almost 7nights a week. Excellent product... excellent customer service. Do yourself a favor...give them a try. We did."

Ken C.
Home Cook Extraordinaire

"The best seasoning EVER! Fast, courteous service! 5 + Stars!!"

Diane K.
Spice Supporter

"These rubs are hands down some of the best rubs I've had!"

Isaac A.
Pellet Griller

"We ordered 250 spice packs for a company gift and they came so fast and at such a fair price for the amount you get!!"

Wholesale Customer

"My new favorite seasoning! (Slow Noon)"

Excited Foodie

"If you love to spice things up this is perfect!! It isn't overwhelming and just gives all the food a perfect amount of kick that we love!!"

Heather S.
Home Chef

"I LOVE to cook and experiment with different flavors in the kitchen! Flavor Expedition Co. makes that SO incredibly delicious and easy!"

Kayleigh M.
Flavor Explorer

Why Adventure With Us?

We create exceptional flavors without the fillers.

Low Sodium

All of our products contain less than 5% the recommended daily value of sodium per serving.

Gluten Free

Each of our seasonings are made without products that contain gluten.

No Preservatives or Additives

We don't use any preservatives or anti-caking agents.


No matter your stance on MSG we'd rather leave it up to you to add it if you want it.

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 Four Seasons
 Four Seasons
$30.00 $40.00
Four Seasons
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Snack Attack!
$35.00 $40.00
Snack Attack!
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