Bacon Wrapped Cheeseburger

Bacon Wrapped Cheeseburger

Aug 01, 2023

Take your bacon cheeseburger up a notch by wrapping the burger in bacon and filling with cheesy goodness while covering in the spiciness of Volcanic Sunset.

1 lb ground beef
8-12 slices bacon
2-3 1-inch cubes of pepper jack cheese
Volcanic Sunset
2-3 Pretzel buns
White Queso
Any additional toppings

1. Preheat smoker to 250 degrees. Separate ground beef into 2-3 patties. Use your thumb to create a hole in the middle of the burger and add a cube of pepper jack cheese. Cover with additional ground beef.

2. Place burger onto the bacon weave and layer bacon to cover the burger. Use toothpicks to keep the bacon in place.

3. Top with Volcanic Sunset or any of your favorite Turn Em Red Seasoning!

4. Cook on the smoker until the burger has reached the desired temperature.*

5. Slice the pretzel buns in half then layer with any toppings you'd like. We used white queso, but some great additions are jalapenos, green chiles, lettuce and tomato or anything your heart desires!

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